Getting started with ROS & Turtlebot 3



An installation of Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit or equivalent is needed. Do not install in a virtual machine.

ROS Kinetic

Open up a terminal prompt (Ctrl+Alt+T) and perform the following commands, one at a time (insert your password when needed):

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install git terminator
wget && chmod 755 ./ && bash ./

You now have ROS installed and can start learning it with the Tutorials. However, let’s complete this guide first.

Turtlebot 3

Install the following packages using a terminal prompt:

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-joy ros-kinetic-teleop-twist-joy ros-kinetic-teleop-twist-keyboard ros-kinetic-laser-proc ros-kinetic-rgbd-launch ros-kinetic-depthimage-to-laserscan ros-kinetic-rosserial-arduino ros-kinetic-rosserial-python ros-kinetic-rosserial-server ros-kinetic-rosserial-client ros-kinetic-rosserial-msgs ros-kinetic-amcl ros-kinetic-map-server ros-kinetic-move-base ros-kinetic-urdf ros-kinetic-xacro ros-kinetic-compressed-image-transport ros-kinetic-rqt-image-view ros-kinetic-gmapping ros-kinetic-navigation ros-kinetic-interactive-markers

Now download and compile some other packages with:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
git clone
git clone
cd ~/catkin_ws && catkin_make